Custom Logos

Working closely with our Visual Sorcerer one-on-one to get you and your squad a professional-grade logo for a super affordable price. Get your team noticed with a new custom-tailored logo designed specifically to fit your needs.

(Note: The questionnaire is just a start to get a quote for your project. We'll work closely with you in more detail once your order is placed.)

Please display your name exactly how you want to it to appear on your logo <3

Please provide thorough details of what you're looking to accomplish with your logo. Ideas, notes, sketches, or anything of that nature is a huge benefit to getting us on the same page.

List a few colors you would like in your logo.

Would you like a character? Abstract? Minimal? Highly-Stylized? Try to describe what style you would like as best as possible. Please include links to references images if possible.

More concepts will lead to a higher cost


Sloth E-sports is a Gaming Peripheral and Apparel start-up out of Binghamton, NY. We believe that gamers of all skill-levels deserve to to be a part of the gaming community, and have high-end, affordable gear to help them do so. We've been gamers since the beginning, and we hope our passion for the sport and the community shines through with our products.  Unleash The Sloth!

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