Branded Team Gear

Here at sloth we feel that every squad, no matter how big or small, should sport some professional looking gear at an affordable price. We produce branded apparel, totally custom for any team. Fill out the form below to get a quote. Go forth, to victory! ^_^


Don't have a logo? No need to fret, we can provide that too. Click HERE to get a custom logo designed for your team

First and last name, please ^_^

What's the name of your squad?

All mats are 0.15" thick for slothy comfort

Our slothfur teeshirts are a high-quality tri-blend material. They're the comfiest. Trust.

Like bring inside a Tauntaun, minus the stank.

We can do a lot, so if you have any other ideas for something you'd like, let us know!

Please share any other information or ideas you have to help give you the most accurate quote, and the best possible solution to your gear needs. <3


Sloth E-sports is a Gaming Peripheral and Apparel start-up out of Binghamton, NY. We believe that gamers of all skill-levels deserve to to be a part of the gaming community, and have high-end, affordable gear to help them do so. We've been gamers since the beginning, and we hope our passion for the sport and the community shines through with our products.  Unleash The Sloth!

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